February 1941

The seeds for a Baptist church in the White Hall community were planted in the 1930’s by the actions of a few people living in the area.  They held Sunday School and Bible Studies in their homes.  The community hosted many summer “brush arbor meetings” and revivals in the schoolhouse.


In February 1941, Brother Wade Carver of Jackson, was invited to begin a Sunday School and hold a preaching service every Sunday afternoon in the schoolhouse.  By summer, attendance had swelled to 119 and the community hosted a Vacation Bible School.

March 1943

On April 21, 1942, a large crowd gathered in a home in the community with the shared purpose of organizing a Baptist church in the White Hall community.  Dr. C.O. Simpson of First Baptist Church, Trenton, opened the meeting with prayer, invoking “God’s blessing upon the group” as they began to organize a church on the plan of the New Testament.  Brother Carver read Matthew 16:18, “… upon this rock I will build my church; and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it.”


The congregation decided in August of 1942 to build a permanent home for their worship services.  White Hall Baptist Church broke ground on March 22, 1943.  The original building was paid for as it was built.  On July 11, 1943, just 15 months after the church was organized, the first services were held in the new building.


April 2001

White Hall Baptist Church continued to grow and build new buildings.  The current buildings and the cemetery sit on seven acres of land. 

The church began to outgrow its first building.  Beginning in April 2001, God led the church to build a new worship center, which was mainly constructed by the men of the church.  Nine months after breaking ground, the members of the church moved into the new facility.


God has blessed the history of White Hall Baptist Church.  God is not through!  His greatest blessings for White Hall are yet to come.